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Senior Staff Profiles:


Lindsay Poitevint, M.A., Supervisory Archaeologist, President ~

Lindsay Poitevint has over 10 years of experience in West Texas and Southern New Mexico in survey, excavation, artifact analysis, and agency compliance. She was a research assistant with New Mexico State University; she has worked with the Bureau of Land Management, Las Cruces Field Office, and the Gila National Forest in cultural resource compliance and archaeological survey, and in the private sector in excavation and survey on Fort Bliss Military Reservation in New Mexico and Texas. She also served as a crew chief on the 50,000 acre survey at White Sands Missile Range in 2009-2010, and as Field Supervisor on the Gila National Forest, Glenwood Ranger District Travel Management project. Ms. Poitevint has experience with field and laboratory lithic, ceramic and faunal analyses.


Justin Greenwald, Field Supervisor/Crew Chief/GIS Analyst, Vice President ~

Justin Greenwald has been participating in archaeological field studies since 1991 as an archaeological crew chief and crew member. His experience has been focused in central, east-central, and western Arizona and much of southeastern, southern, and west-central New Mexico. Between 1991 and 2001, much of his experience was gained on short-term projects and during summer months. Beginning in 2002, he has been engaged in archaeological fieldwork, either survey or data recovery, on nearly a full-time basis. He has gained experience working on Jornada Mogollon, Hohokam, Cibola Anasazi/Mogollon Frontier, Salado, historic homestead, and historic military sites. He has participated in excavations along the Snake River in Utah, Late Archaic and early Jornada Mogollon sites in the Rio Hondo Valley, Hohokam Classic and Post Classic compounds in the Salt River Valley, and Anasazi, Mogollon, and Archaic sites near Quemado. He has extensive experience excavating human remains, both of historic and prehistoric associations. He is proficient with Trimble GEO XT and Garmin GPS site mapping and navigation, in-field historic and lithic artifact analysis, photography, and ArcView drafting/mapping.


David H. Greenwald, B.A., Projects Manager/Principal Investigator, Vice President ~

Mr. Greenwald has 41 years of experience in cultural resource management, has been active as a Southwestern archaeologist since 1971, has been a Field Supervisor since 1979, a Project Manager since 1987, and a Principal Investigator since 1991. He has directed a wide range of projects, and has managed multidisciplinary teams with great success. Mr. Greenwald has worked with various urban, state, and federal agencies, as well as the private sector, throughout New Mexico and the Southwestern U.S. in general. He is experienced in cultural resource management law, regulations, and standards, and he understands agency concerns and requirements.


Jeffery Hanson, Ph.D., RPA, Projects Manager/Principal Investigator ~

Dr. Hanson has over 37 years experience as an anthropologist working in academic and applied settings. His specializations include archaeology, cultural anthropology and ethnohistory. He has conducted archaeological research in the northern Great Plains, the Midwest, Texas, Utah, and New Mexico. His research interests include the archaeology of hunter-gatherer systems, ethnicity and archaeology, and Apachean prehistory. His applied interests include archaeology and the law, historic preservation, and tribal consultation.


Jeremy T. Davis, M.A., Supervisory Archaeologist ~

Jeremy Davis, with 15 years of experience, has a broad range of experience in archaeology throughout the United States, including extensive experience in the Southwest conducting surveys and excavations. He recently served as Assistant Project Manager on a 50,000 acre survey at White Sands Missile Range, directing the analysis on a collection of nearly 600 projectile points from the project. In addition, he has served as field director on numerous large Phase I, II, and III projects in Indiana, Illinois, and Kentucky, including the high-profile Rockies Express Pipeline Project. Mr. Davis is proficient in flaked stone analysis and historic artifact analysis; he has written or contributed to report chapters on lithic and flaked stone analysis for multiple CRM companies. Mr. Davis is involved in all phases of both survey and excavation work with Four Corners Research, including project development, supervising field crews, analyses and report preparation. He has served as Project Manager, Field Supervisor and Crew Chief on many projects in New Mexico, Arizona, and Texas.


Lora Jackson Legare, M.A., Archaeologist, Office Manager, Editor/Writer, Laboratory Director ~

Ms. Jackson Legare is a principle investigator, editor, and laboratory director with 14 years combined field, laboratory, archival, and report-writing experience in Southwest region archaeology. She has completed projects that include survey, site recordation, rock art documentation, data recovery, artifactual analysis, oral history/ethnohistory, archival research, and acequia documentation. She is skilled in artifact analysis, including lithics (both flaked and ground stone), faunal/osteological remains, and historic artifacts, with expertise in Southwest ceramics, and with Jornada Mogollon ceramics types in particular. She has conducted field work, analysis, interpretation, eligibility recommendations, and documentation for evaluations in support of the Section 106 process (National Historic Preservation Act, 35 CFR 800) and NAGPRA compliance (Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act), and report preparation in a supervisory capacity for projects in New Mexico, west Texas, and Arizona on both public and private lands. She has given presentations on several aspects of Jornada Mogollon and regional historic archaeology, including Jornada expressions of Pueblo ceremonialism, El Paso series ceramics, and the oral history and archaeology of acequias in New Mexico. She also teaches anthropology at Dona Ana Community College.


Aaron Lovejoy, B.S., GIS Specialist, Archaeologist ~

Aaron Lovejoy has been a GIS specialist for Four Corners Research since 2016. He has a major in anthropology with an archaeology concentration and a minor in geographic science from James Madison University, VA. He has conducted several surveys, excavations,and data management since 2014. He is proficient in data collection though handheld GPS units, total stations, and ground penetrating radar. Mr. Lovejoy's GIS skills include, but are not limited to, georefferencing, predictive modeling, LIDAR, field and report map and figure creation, and site map digitization.

Timothy Schoonover, B.A., Field Supervisor/Crew Chief ~

Tim Schoonover has been a chew chief for Four Corners Research since 2008. He has archaeological experience in the south-central, north-central, southwestern, and west-central regions of New Mexico as well as the northeastern and south-central regions of Utah. Additionally, he has worked in areas of Indiana, Illinois, Kentucky, Tennessee, Virginia, West Virginia, and Wyoming. His field experience includes survey, surface collection, testing, data recovery, site mapping, site recording, total station operation, test unit excavation, and feature excavation. His laboratory skills include site file research, data entry, completion of site forms, artifact cataloguing, and ceramic analysis. He has contributed to the completion of numerous project reports and is a thorough researcher and writer. Since joining Four Corners Research, Mr. Schoonover has conducted numerous surveys on the Gila, Lincoln, and Carson National Forests, recording both prehistoric and historic sites.

Jennie Lee, B.A., Field Supervisor/Crew Chief ~

Jennie Lee has been a crew chief for Four Corners Research since 2011. She has experience working in the CRM field for both the private and public sectors in several areas throughout the U.S. including, the Great Basin, Intermountain, Midwest, Southeast and Southwest regions. Experience in the field includes pedestrian survey, shovel test survey, site documentation and excavation of historic and prehistoric cultural sites. She has experience using Trimble GPS units with Terrasync software and Archer GPS units with Arcpad software for mapping survey areas and cultural site as well as Garmin handheld GPS units. She is familiarity with IMAC and LA site forms. Office experience includes site narrative composition, data entry, report preparation, and Class I literature reviews. Lab experience includes processing, cataloging and preparing artifacts for curation.


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